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I’m going to be on Channel9

Posted by Rob Paveza

I went and hung out with Larry Larson and Andrew Richards from the Channel9 show Defrag Tools today to record an episode! It was way cool, even though I got a little lost heading to the building which was literally right across the street from my own. (In my defense, I was up really early and I thought the building was further down the street).

All said and done, I got a cool Channel9 dude and I got to take a picture in the studio!

I'm @ Channel9 on 10/14/2013

I'm @ Channel9 on 10/14/2013

Be sure to check out Defrag Tools on 10/14 to see it, because I'll be talking about Just My Code in Visual Studio. If you haven't seen the blog I linked to last time, it's definitely worthwhile, but at the very least, you ought to watch the video, because it's AWESOME!

Update: It's live! Check it out!


Just My Code for JavaScript

Posted by Rob Paveza

Super-excited that we FINALLY get to talk about a new feature that went out in Visual Studio 2013 RC last week. Check out the details in Andrew Hall's blog post on MSDN.