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Are you a developer? Come work at Microsoft.

Posted by Rob Paveza

I've been posting about technical interviews, but with Build 2014 going on right now, I wanted to make a point about work.

If you're a developer, you should seriously think about coming and joining us at Microsoft.

Why? For the same reason that our developer-customers should build for Windows and Microsoft. Satya said it best (2:39:05):

You want to build for Windows because we are going to innovate with a challenger mindset.

I can't talk about what we're doing right now, but what I can say is that it's going to be amazing. The stuff that we're working on is going to be very compelling. If you've ever wanted huge challenges to come in and win a market, with a huge playing field (millions to billions) of customers, you should come join us. The problems we solve are big and fun.

So, come do it. If you're interested, leave me a comment and we'll connect offline. Feel free to leave an email; comments get moderated and it won't get crawled.

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I’m going to be on Channel9

Posted by Rob Paveza

I went and hung out with Larry Larson and Andrew Richards from the Channel9 show Defrag Tools today to record an episode! It was way cool, even though I got a little lost heading to the building which was literally right across the street from my own. (In my defense, I was up really early and I thought the building was further down the street).

All said and done, I got a cool Channel9 dude and I got to take a picture in the studio!

I'm @ Channel9 on 10/14/2013

I'm @ Channel9 on 10/14/2013

Be sure to check out Defrag Tools on 10/14 to see it, because I'll be talking about Just My Code in Visual Studio. If you haven't seen the blog I linked to last time, it's definitely worthwhile, but at the very least, you ought to watch the video, because it's AWESOME!

Update: It's live! Check it out!


Just My Code for JavaScript

Posted by Rob Paveza

Super-excited that we FINALLY get to talk about a new feature that went out in Visual Studio 2013 RC last week. Check out the details in Andrew Hall's blog post on MSDN.


A Week with a Surface

Posted by Rob Paveza

A week ago, on October 26, Microsoft released the Surface, along with Windows 8. Because this was my first product launch (other than TypeScript, though that technically wasn't my product), well, I just couldn't help myself: I waited in line at the Bellevue Square Microsoft Store and got mine on release day. It was a madhouse:

I got a 32gb device along with a Type Cover, the thicker one with the mechanical keys. I believe that the specs for the Type Cover say that it's 5 or 6mm thick; okay, that might be twice the thickness of the Touch Cover, but it's still tiny.

Not only is it awesome for taking to meetings, but I can actually get work done on it. I can't code, of course; well, at least, not at the office, since I can't RDP to my desktop from it. But I've spent the whole week taking it to meetings, taking notes, and writing specs. I can't believe how snappy everything is.

Now, let me set the stage a little bit more. When I started at Microsoft in April, I was assigned a Lenovo ThinkPad X-Series convertible tablet. It supported multi-touch, has a keyboard, an extended battery life of about 6 hours, and on day one I was able to install a daily build of Windows 8. I've been using Windows 8 on my desktop PC (no touch) at the office since then as well, and in August when we RTM'd, I installed it onto my home iMac (of course no touch), which I previously dual-booted with OS X and Win7.

I didn't really understand how cool Windows 8's touch functionality was until I got the Surface.

Now, this isn't to say that partner / OEM vendors don't have worthwhile devices. I haven't played with them at this point. I hope they're as good as the Surface, or even better, because if they're better, then, DANG. But all that having been said - I have to give my kudos to the team behind Windows RT and the Surface. They have done a remarkable job.

If you haven't experienced Windows 8 on a touch device yet, get thee to a Microsoft Store. Try it. The productivity losses of being completely addicted to Jetpack Joyride will definitely be offset by the productivity gains of being able to flick a Word document up to scroll, and then just pointing the cursor into place on the screen rather than using the mouse.

And to be honest, as much as I have been thinking I might want to code on the Surface, in retrospect, I'm not sure that's true. I have a 17" laptop and a 27" desktop screen, and I use that screen real estate judiciously when I'm coding.

OK, who am I kidding? I'll be getting a Surface Pro whenever it comes out. But until then, I'm having a good time on this awesome tablet!

Surface with Type Cover

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Microspotting: A future product, or something more innocuous?

Posted by Rob Paveza

I was driving over at Building 86 today and saw this. It's either an ad for a product I haven't seen, a road sign, or an indication that I have a really obscure sense of humor.

Microsoft Median: A future product or a sign that I have a weird sense of humor?