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Coming Soon: Offline Comic Storage for the Modern Dilbert Reader

Posted by Rob Paveza

Modern Dilbert Reader version 1.3 is in the works and is coming along very well! It's got a couple of bug fixes, but more importantly, it has two new features! The first is that it will support caching comics offline, so you can take them on the plane with you! (Yes, I'm actually planning this for an upcoming trip). The second is a built-in Favorites list. We'll leverage the strip information from the Dilbert Strip Index to provide a great rundown of the strips.

Keep an eye out for it soon! It isn't submitted to the Store yet, but I'm hoping to submit it before going on my trip.

Happy holidays!


Modern Dilbert Reader v1.2 Pending Certification

Posted by Rob Paveza

I've updated the Modern Dilbert Reader app again. In version 1.2, there is new Live Tiles functionality, and updated date picker, and a new way to access the date picker: via the app bar. Hopefully, that will improve discoverability.

One reviewer said that the date looked funny with such a large font on a big monitor. I had to agree. So, I've made the font smaller, and the month/day/year read with full names. I've also updated the date picker to be more inline:

I also added a button for the date picker to the bottom App Bar (right click or swipe-in from the bottom):

Finally, new Live Tile functionality:

I'll update the post once it gets certified and submitted to the App Store.