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Joining Microsoft

Posted by Rob Paveza

I'm excited to announce that on April 2nd, I will be joining Microsoft as a Program Manager. I'm unsure whether it's OK for me to be saying exactly which team I'll be on just yet, so we'll have to wait and see...

With that in mind, retroactively looking backwards on my blog, please note that any articles previously written were written as an outsider looking in. I probably will not be going back and revising any such articles, so you should not treat them as coming from someone who knows the voodoo secrets about things. You should also not treat them as any kind of opinion made by Microsoft.

I'm unsure what that means for the future of this blog. Maybe I'll be able to get one of those coveted MSDN blogs. :) We shall see....

I also have a somewhat unusual story about how I managed to join Microsoft. I may be talking to someone on the JobsBlog about it soon - I'll be sure to update things then.


What’s up with the fish?

Posted by Rob Paveza

I guess I see the inverted 8, but - what's up with the fish logo for Windows 8 Consumer Preview??

Oh, I see the 8 blended in the background too... :)