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Launching OpenGraph.NET

Posted by Rob Paveza

Tonight I’m publishing to Codeplex a project that I’ve been working on for about a month, that I’ve called OpenGraph.NET.  It’s a C# client for Facebook’s still-new Graph API.  It currently supports regular desktop applications, web sites (using Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC), and to some extent, Silverlight.  All of the groundwork is there – it’s just going to take a bit more work to get it across the finish line.  I’m calling it version 0.9.1 "Beta”.  (Maybe I’ll come up with some clever name like “Froyo,” like the operating system on my phone).


OpenGraph.NET’s documentation is available at and the project can be downloaded from CodePlex at  There are also a couple demos on the CodePlex site within the download.

OpenGraph.NET is licensed with the new BSD license – basically, you can use it for whatever you want, but if you hand out the project publically, either compiled or as source code, you should include a copy of my copyright notice and license terms.  I’m not an advocate of copyleft, but I would certainly welcome patch submissions.  Over the weekend, I’ll be porting the source code repository from my web server onto CodePlex.

One more note – it IS indeed working out there.  We’re using it on a currently-undisclosed project at Terralever for an event being hosted by one of our clients, and I am using the Real Time Updates handler for it as well.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about the internals of how this works, including dynamic methods.

I’d like to mention a big thank-you to James Newton-King, for the awesome Json.NET library which is used extensively throughout OpenGraph.NET.


Moving my Blog

Posted by Rob

Welcome to the new Running with Code site at  I've migrated many of my posts from my old Geeks with Blogs content from - unfortunately, the automatic backup feature from Subtext is disabled.  So it's slow going, comments are lost, and code samples don't translate that well - I will eventually link all of the posts back to their originals.

I intend to start writing more again soon, too.  Welcome!

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